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Start your morning off with a DYNAMO RISE N' SHINE SMOOTHIE and get the vitamins, nutrients and energy you need for proper brain and body function to have an optimal day!!!  This is like putting 94 grade fuel into your tank to deliver enhanced performance in your number one vehicle >>> YOUR BODY!!!

STEP #1: If you don't have one already, go out and get a Magic Bullet - Nutri Bullet Pro 900 (Walmart sells for roughly $128 - best money you will EVER spend). This is not a juicer or blender - it's a nutrition extractor. Learn more at (NO, I'm not an affiliate or make a profit from referring this too you....  let's call it a gift in the form of a nugget of wisdom that practically works wonders in my very own life and I want it to do the same for you!)

STEP #2: Get all of your ingredients ready to rock!  Here is a collection of goodies that I use and suggest to start your day off with.

- Spring Mix Salad (or baby spinach or kale)
- Banana (1 medium size)
- Raspberries, blueberries and/or blackberries (12-16 berries in total)
- Walnuts, pepitas, flax seed (small amount of each - can also use shaved almond, a few cashews, sunflowers seeds, pine nuts etc. - get creative)
- Pitted Dates or figs - (1-3 - for added natural sweetner - optional)
- Good quality protein powder (casein if you are maintaining body weight and isolate if you are reducing body weight)
- Glutamine (1 scoop - essential amino acid for protein synthesis)
- Creatine (1 scoop - helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle)
- Matcha Powder (1 tea spoon - delivers a high potency of catechins, chlorophyll, and antioxidants)
- Alkaline Water (MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT!!! If you aren't drinking Alkaline water yet, START NOW!! This is the absolute best tip I can give you!  You will have better performance, better skin, brain brain functionality, better hydration, better cleanse of toxins, better nutrient delivery and absorption PLUS balance out your body's PH levels from being too acidic which is the leading cause of ALL disease. Go to retail water filling stations (like the Water Depot) and buy bulk refills of the 5 gallon containers and a dispenser for your kitchen or office - works out to be $2.50 - $3.50 per refill when purchased in 25-30 bulk order and refill as needed - this is the least expensive and biggest bang for your buck when it comes to optimizing your health and well-being!

I have ALL of my DYNAMO Success Coaching clients do this as a first mandatory step before we begin the journey to the best version of themselves to live their best life possible. If you are interest in working with me to ELEVATE YOUR LIFE in the areas of FOOD, FITNESS, FAMILY, FINANCES and FUN, I am ONLY taking on 2-3 more one-on-one clients... contact me TODAY to GET STARTED on the NEW YOU!! First 1 hour consult is COMPLIMENTARY where we will determine your wants, needs, goals and a time-frame to achieve desired results in.)

There you have it.... MMMMMM.... enjoying my DYNAMO RISE N' SHINE SMOOTHIE right NOW! Yummy!!!  

If you come up with any great recipes, please share them with me as we are creating a DYNAMO Entrepreneur recipe book for busy entrepreneurs to ensure they are getting the fuel and nutrients they need to be a DYNAMO!!!!

Yours in Health and Well-Being,
James Erdt
Visionary / Founder
DYNAMO Entrepreneur

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