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Fitness STAR and our associated Photographers, Sponsors, Advertisers, Modeling Agencies, Scouts, and Agents are always looking for new faces and bodies to be models for marketing materials, videos, posters, brochures, websites, ads, photo shoots and sponsorships.

Please forward at least 3-4 of your best pictures to to be considered for upcoming modelling opportunities! Make sure that you also include one good head shot where your face is completely visible.

NOTE: You must be a Fitness STAR Network Member, Fitness STAR Model Search Competitor or at least be registered to compete with Fitness STAR Model Search to submit your pictures and to be considered for job opportunities..

We will start a personal file for you and you can always submit new or updated pictures any time! The more professional your pictures are the better.

Please include complete contact details with your Full Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number and E-Mail Address when you submit your pictures so we can contact you with any potential opportunities!

Please make sure all pictures submitted are decent and no nudity please.

Healthy regards,

Team FSI


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Anthony Rossano, 19 y/o
188 Russell Ave. Apt 5, Ottawa ON K1N 7X4
+1 705-309-2896

(Third photo submitted to show facial features, person on the left.)
More photos will be taken  in near future specifically for submission in this fitness model search.


Here are some more pictures I took tonight post-workout. They are all unedited. 

- Anthony

Heather marie Perry
77 donald lane concord ca 94518

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