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FS Shooting STAR PROfile:  Amber Dunford (Level 5 Fitness SUPERSTAR PRO)

1)    How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

- Exuberant
- Organized
- Optimistic

2) List your favourite book, movie, colour, food and car…

- Book: The Power of One  ~ Bryce Courtenay.
- Movie: I can’t name one favourite, but here’s a top 5: The Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing,
Cocktail, Stand By Me and Sixteen Candles
- Colour: Blue
- Food: Any wild game, but especially my mom’s venison roasts
- Car: ’69 Corvette Stingray Convertible

3) When have you been very proud of yourself in your life?

When I graduated University with Honours.

4) If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money?

I would donate a portion of it to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation, because I believe this is an area of health that is in dire need of support.  I would do a bit of shopping, start a college fund for my nieces and nephews, treat my family and close friends to a vacation, put a down payment on a house and invest whatever is left over.

5) What or who motivates you and why?

The two most influential people in my life are my parents. My mother and father possess an unequivocal array of skills and together as a team can accomplish anything! They work harder than anyone I know and have taught me the value of self-worth and perseverance. I have learned countless life lessons from them both and aspire to one-day be as accomplished as they are.

6) What are 3 of your favourite exercises?

- Pistol squats
- Kettlebell snatches
- Box jumps

7) What style of music or artist do you listen to while training?

None. I don’t listen to music while training unless I am doing steady-state cardio, and even
then I usually am watching the news or a sitcom. I find listening to diaphragmatic breathing
during my training is far more rhythmic and motivational than music and it keeps me
focused on exactly what it is I need to be doing.

8) What do you gain by entering physique competitions?

Where do I start? Friends (lots and lots of them!), confidence, inspiration, self-esteem and
best of all, a satisfying sense of accomplishment. In addition, it is an ideal avenue to release
my competitive juices. ;)

9) What do you like the most and the least about competing?

- I could list numerous things that I love about competing, but what I REALLY like the best is
the adrenaline rush you experience just before you step on stage for the first round of the
show. That is the feeling that keeps me coming back for more. ;)

- What I like least?  The time spent away from family and friends during my preparation and
missing out on special occasions.

10) Please share 3 tips you have for other Fitness Model Competitors?

- Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it.

- Don’t give up! If you really want to succeed as a fitness competitor, sometimes it is just a
matter of making some adjustments and trying again.
- Breathe, relax and enjoy the process – however crazy and stressful it may become!

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awesome photo shot...Fitness STAR rocks

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