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Being a girl who used to be a whole lot bigger i can tell you that, no fit person expect the odd one who'd give me the time of day, as a bigger girl to help me get fit. there's this whole dispute about girls who do not eat enough and girls who eat to much, which one can make it fitter faster, from my personal journey i had to cut fat, and along with that i lost almost all my muscle i had had from playing soccer year round, then after losing more muscle than i lost fat due to my insist on getting a dietitian which i was eating approx. 700 cals a day. I than had to gain back my total health, i had low iron low calcium low blood pressure, it was a long stressful mind boggling journey but im no where close still where i want to be, AND as a girl who used to be bigger i often think hmm, maybe if i had a skinny base to start me off i would not run into this many health problems, i know theres a huge problem with girls not eating enough thats why they can not gain muscle. This all seems very judgmental to me and stereotypical. I have came to realization that weather youre coming from a skinny body or a big body, it all takes effort, it doesn't matter really whose journeys longer or who got fit faster. The way i see it, it is all about the long run. 

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