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Fitness STAR Model Search: Categories, Attire, and Judging Criteria

Fitness STAR Model Search (FSMS) is not a physique competition; it is a "model search".  

With our unique Tblock runway; our events are much more like a runway fashion show, however we are showcasing the body not just the clothing.  Each FSMS participant walks the Tblock runway; having the opportunity to be seen as a potential future PAID Fitness Model, and chance to be scouted/discovered for sponsorships/band ambassador as well as future PAID modelling opportunities in print, promo/hosting, staffing, film and/or television.  

Each category is only one round; meaning you will walk the entire Tblock runway- stopping to make your individual poses in the following manner:

- Your name, competitor number is called to the runway by our mcee

- Walk to centre end of runway and pose for the judges/runway photographer

- Walk all way to the left of the runway and pose for judges/runway photographer

- Walk all the way to the very right of the end of the runway and pose

- Walk back to centre; pose, spin to showcase your back pose, turn and wave to the crowd... then precede to      walk off the FSMS runway but maintain behind the pipe & drape with rest of the participants in case your  name/competitor number is called out again for top call out pose off.


Fitness STAR Model Search NO LONGER has specific mandatory poses as we have moved away from traditional "fitness competition" type structure and more along the lines of a Fitness Modelling Casting Call.  

You have the flexibility to create your own posing routine making YOU stand out from your fellow aspiring fitness models. This is your opportunity to showcase your marketability; confidence, and personal individual character!!!  


You will be scouted by a FS Agency Representative; as well as talent scouts, modelling agency executives, producer(s), and/or reputable fitness industry representatives.  

Each participant is INDIVIDUALLY scored out of 100; with all scoring OVERALL 80+ will be offered a fitness modelling contract where FS Agency can promote, and market YOU for future paid business opportunities as well as provide you greater exposure, and recognition to a global audience in an effort to get YOU seen, scouted, and discovered!

We want you all to do your best, be prepared, and know exactly what you need to work on to earn your FS MODEL status.

FSMS Categories include:

Swimsuit Model (Female and Male)

Athletic Swimsuit Model (Female and Male)

The Athletic Swimsuit Model category is meant to showcase models who are fit, toned and lean.  

This model type should have visible muscle separation and a healthy body fat to lean muscle ratio. Models should have good symmetry, proportions and display ample confidence and personality in a tasteful fashion. An attainable/maintainable look is desired for mainstream fitness modeling- this is not like bodybuilding where you have an on season/off season. 

Attire for Females: 

• Two piece bikini-style posing suit or bikini. Custom-made competition suits are encouraged but not mandatory.

• Jewellery is permitted.  Keep it simple and classy so it doesn't take away from your body and distract the judges eyes.

• Clear heels. We suggest 4 inches for ease of walking, however up to 6 inch heels are permitted.

• NO hand held props can be left on the runway. Safety is a priority with Fitness STAR.

• NO G-strings or thongs please or you will be disqualified.  Keep it classy & tasteful please and thank you!!!

Attire for Males:

• Posing trunks (square cut shorts): can be boxer brief or swim trunk.  Be sure that the judges can see the muscle tone in your legs.  

• NO board shorts; again we want to see your quads, and  NO speedos as this is not bodybuilding event

• Males are barefoot for the Swimsuit Category

• NO hand held props can be left on runway. Safety is a priority with Fitness STAR.

Bikini Swimsuit Model (Female)

The Bikini Swimsuit Model category is meant to showcase models who are fit; however should not have visible muscle separation.  Bikini body type is a softer look, and may tend to be more of a curvaceous physique.  

Attire for this category is: same as above for Athletic Swimsuit Model

Please contact us if you are looking for a custom suit designer at

• Do not need to be muscular or extremely defined for this category.

• Mid section should be lean, however visible ab development is not necessary.

• Typical beach body type physique.


Muscular Swimsuit Model  (Male ONLY)

The Muscular Fitness Model category is meant to showcase a model who is more muscular with wider frame than the Athletic Fitness Model, although still not as striated as a bodybuilder. Visible fullness and separation between muscle groups are rewarded. Although these models will show significantly more muscle mass than the Athletic Fitness Model, they should keep in mind that a natural look is necessary to be successful in mainstream fitness modeling so you don't need to be as ripped or dry as a bodybuilder. 

• Great for NATURAL bodybuilders & Physique competitors that want to do Fitness Modelling.  Typically have larger backs, legs, arms and shoulders than Athletic Fitness Models.

Attire is same as Athletic Swimsuit Male Model.


Fit over 40 - Formerly called Masters Fitness Model (40+ Female and Male)

The Masters Fitness Model category will follow the same guidelines and criteria as the Athletic, Bikini, and Male Muscular Fitness Model's.  


Athletic Fitness Apparel Model

The Athletic Fitness Apparel Model division has been separated as a stand alone category to cater to booming Fashion/Fitness Apparel industry which includes major corporations such as Under Armour, Nike, Reebok, Addidas, New Balance, Asics, Lulu Lemon, etc.  

We were notified by industry representatives hiring fitness models that typically the shoot or advertisement is never done in a bikini but rather athletic wear which covers much more of the skin.  Our judges therefore do not need to be as critical on minor flaws such as stretch marks in particular areas that would be covered by fabric.  As a result we are now judging this category more so on the marketability of you as an Athletic Fitness Model rather than just on your physique as a fitness competitor.

• Athletic wear is chosen by the model and should show off their physique in a tasteful manner. Models should chose colors that compliment their skin tone and are aesthetically pleasing. Smart choices (color, cut, style) and how it compliments your physique are most important. Theme-wear or costumes are not permitted although outfits for sports, MMA, boxing, yoga, the gym or just comfortable fitness fashion are permitted.

• Worn props are allowed such as hats, gloves, pads, jewelery etc.

• Athletic, cross-training or running shoes are worn for this round.  This ensures no model is advantaged/disadvantaged by heeled footwear or barefoot because everyone will be in running shoes.  It also offers a different perspective to the judges and media in attendance and further demonstrates model versatility.


Glamour Model (Female ONLY)

The Glamour Model category is meant to showcase healthy models in a glamorous and FUN way.  It has quickly become our most popular category among females.

The judging for this category will be based on marketability, stage presence and WOW factor! Whether you are an Athletic Fitness Model, Bikini Model or Runway Model for that matter, you can participate in this category. Because of this very different standard, anyone competing in another category can also compete in either of the Glamour Model categories.

Glamour Model is open to any woman that wants to try something a little different, more glamorous and incredibly FUN!  It can be a sole primary category if Athletic Fitness Model or Bikini Model isn’t of interest to you or as an optional second/third category to. 

Models should be proportionate, fit, confident and have great stage presence. 

Glamour Model Category 1: Glamour Lingerie

• Two piece classy/tasteful lingerie. NOTE: we have a G-Rated audience so please act/dress accordingly. We seek to empower female competitors with this round of competition and market them as paid models to the Glamour and Lingerie markets for those selected by the Fitness STAR Agency.

• Jewellery is permitted.  Can have more, larger, fancier jewellery than the Swimsuit Category

• Full bottoms. NO stockings. NO garters or suspenders. NO see through lace.

• Any colour heels. We suggest 4 inches for ease of walking, however up to 6 inch heels are permitted.

Modelling opportunities would include marketing you to top Lingerie Brands such as Aubade, Agent Provocateur, Fredericks of Hollywood, Victoria Secrets, La Senza, La Vie en Rose, etc.  Magazine publications in Maxim, American Curves, Fitness STAR Magazine among other now popular Boudoir Photography Shoots.

Glamour Model Category 2: Evening Gown Wear 

Evening Gown Round:

• Choose a dress that is glamorous, classy and fashionable that portrays your personality.

• Long flowing women's dress usually worn to a semi-formal or formal affair.

• Full-length dress below the ankles or tea length just below the knees are permitted.

• Evening gowns are usually made of luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, velvet, satin, silk etc. 

• Jewellery is permitted.  Can have more, larger, fancier jewellery than the Swimsuit/Athletic Apparel rounds.

• Any colour heels. We suggest 4 inches for ease of walking, however up to 6 inch heels are permitted.

Modelling opportunities would be more catered towards galas, charity events, and corporate functions where Models for Hire is required.  


Stage Tips for ALL Categories:

• Have a healthy vibrant look showing self-confidence and excellent posture.

• Show off your individuality, charisma, style and personal flair.

• Pay attention to detail including hair, nails, jewellery, posing suits, heels, blemishes etc.

• Tattoos are allowed and if you have them wear them proudly.

• Skin tone should be smooth, tight and healthy in appearance.

• A tanned appearance is beneficial under the bright wash lighting.  Please ask who our OFFICIAL Onsite Spray Tanner is for the best tan to ensure your best score.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Competition colour paste/clay/spread is forbidden due to it's wetness and makes the skin appear too dark. We do NOT seek bodybuilder dark for any of our categories. Competitors will be disqualified for using this product due to the damage it does to the venues.



If you have any questions, feedback and/or concerns, please contact us any time at

We will gladly support you however we can to ensure you have a pleasant and memorable experience with Fitness STAR International!  Looking forward to seeing YOU rock the Fitness STAR runway and potentially in the Fitness STAR Magazine (!

It's TIME for YOU to SHINE!!!

Healthy regards,

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