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My Best Self:

Transformation Celebration

FSI is constantly evolving to Support & Market to a broader demographics that fits within our mission to "Motivate, Educate, and Inspire" individuals across the globe through positive impact of living a healthy active "lifestyle".

This NEW, INNOVATIVE, NEVER DONE BEFORE SHOWCASE goes way beyond your typical "weight loss transformation story" which is why we decided to call this "MY BEST SELF " ... Fitness STAR's ONLY non-judged category which gives YOU the opportunity to tell your story!

It is an opportunity for all of those individuals who have:

Conquered a MAJOR BODY IMAGE transformation

  • Defeated a life threatening injury or illness
  • Overcome an eating disorder (anorexia / bulimia nervosa)
  • Conquered a serious drug addiction
  • Significant weight lose transformation (overcome obesity)
  • Significant body transformation through muscle/weight gain.
  • Those who found secret to conquering BALANCE in life; for an example, the woman who is an amazing supportive wife, successful professional/entrepreneur, great friend to many, yet makes the time and sacrifices to look & feel BEST she has ever felt after giving birth and raising 3 children!

     Above is Kas Savage; 2015 Overall FSMS Winnipeg Champion!

We know many corporations are seeking passionate ambitious brand ambassadors who have personally experienced such an amazing transformation.    Those who possess: courage, confidence, charisma and character to overcome what others may say is "IMPOSSIBLE"... this category is to prove YOU'RE POSSIBLE!

We also know it is these kinds of amazing transformations that INSPIRES our audience members to walk out of the Fitness STAR Model Search event making a change, rather than continuing to make excuses!

So if you have an amazing transformation you want to showcase; sign up for MY BEST SELF promoted by Monaco Sun Events.

Contact us at

MY BEST SELF- Scoring/Judging Criteria


This is an opportunity to tell your story, walk the runway like a Fitness Super Model without judgement and simply enjoy the experience of being a part of the Fitness STAR Model Search event!


Casandra Bella



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