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Would you read it please...

I wrote this message for people at  Now I'm showing it here as a BLOG - maybe somebody cares...


Hello my friends,

I'm writting this message for sending it to all these people who has named me inspirational at bodyspace site.

Yes, it's a great pleasure to know that you can inspire people around you...and in spite of my age I still would like to…

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For 20 days :):) - but they (ear company) left my bag to LONDON!!! Hoping to get it...

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DANCING ON A ROCK - the 60 year old artist

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Hi people - living in MIAMI and LAS VEGAS!

At Nov. 06 I will be 60 ) :) - and at Nov 11-14 I will make my first competition - at Las Vegas!Before it I spend 20 days in Miami - taking the sun at Miami Beach ) :) It would be a pleasure to meet you there! Yes, there will be also casting for Apollo Male Model Magazine’s cover model Spring/Summer issue of 2011 at MIAMI. I got an invitation )
All the best, Rene

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Look at:

Unfortunately they used wrong photos. While my device is "a better body with every passing year", they would have to show my last photos, because now, being 59 I look better. - There I'm younger at those photos (58, 56, 57, 55). Check out my photos where I'm 59 - and you are agree with me :)

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Exclusive Interview with Rene Kari on THE PERFORMANCE NETWORK.

Rene Kari - Mr World Physique 2009, An Artist and Work of Art in One!


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A really superb result - the body as a work of art - is only possible as an interaction of a beautiful body*, perfect flesh** and proper complexion***. The impression based on this trinity forms the basis for overall aesthetic looks. The effect arising from this interaction is the very symbol of an ageless body and simultaneously a precondition for extending one’s youth.

* A beautiful body - one with purposefully, tastefully modelled (worked out) muscles, the aesthetics of which is best… Continue

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Look! PROGRESS PICTURES through 45 YEARS - from 1964 to 2009!!!

Check out:

There is my body's history. It's like a visualized life through decades. It's almost my hole life-story!!!

Look - "A better body with every passing year" has been my device almost 40 years - and my Progress Pictures shows how it has "worked" in the reality. My body's transformation-story tells about the possibility to maintain a youthful look through decades - it proves that it's possible to extend youth and avoid aging... - It's… Continue

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Fitness isn't a Sports - Fitness is an Art Project

“René Kari – an artist and a work of art in one”, “Painter as an antique sculpture”, “Look everyone – René Kari’s new coming through his body”, “The man who made himself into a work of art – René Kari”, “René Kari wishes to form himself into an antique sculpture”, “René Kari poses as a living sculpture” – all these are newspaper headlines of reviews of my exhibition “Miami Beach” (Gallery Viviann Napp. Tallinn. 05.-18.08.2004).

This was an exhibition where in addition to a… Continue

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