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4 Exercise-Related Actions You Should Avoid Before Going For Surgery

It can be common for patients to ask many questions about what they should do before going through an elective surgery. Considering we’ve seen a major uplift in fitness, the majority of these questions tend to relate to exercise programs they can perform. 

Ironically, the surgery that patients go through are for knee and hip problems. This is because they feel it’ll improve their fitness regime because of the musculoskeletal pain they feel whilst they exercise. In other cases, it can be for aesthetic reasons and feel as though this will have an impact on how they can exercise.

Whatever the surgery you’re looking to have, cosmetic surgery Manchester-based or for hip surgery, here are some exercise-related actions that you should look to avoid.

1. Leaving it too late

This can be particularly relevant for patient’s looking to have elective orthopedic surgery. When patients feel pain, they tend to have a bad habit of delaying their surgery until it’s physically impossible for them to continue to train. This means you get weaker over a long period of time, making your exercise less impactful.

The issue with delaying your surgery is that your body becomes so weak, that your recovery after the surgery becomes even more difficult. 

2. Making drastic changes to your lifestyle and diet leading up to surgery

To make the surgery as smooth as possible, surgeons tend to encourage patients to make changes to their lifestyle if they’re not in the ideal condition for a surgery. Whilst it’s important that you can make the surgery as easy as possible, your own health is also important.

Trying to make drastic changes to your lifestyle leading up to the surgery can cause complications. For example, going through a vigorous training programme that has your body losing weight excessively. The nutrients and minerals in your body will still be required for your recovery period so it’s important that you manage this accordingly.

3. Thinking all forms of exercise are unavailable

Thinking you can’t exercise at all leading up to surgery is a common myth for patients. Even if you’re feeling pain in areas of your body, there are other forms of exercise that aren’t as extensive that can be just as beneficial. Water exercises can still work the body, even with minimal exercises.

Alternatively, stretches and yoga require minimal movements but still benefit the body in a good way.

4. Thinking you won’t need much help after surgery

Considering the number of patients that hospitals tend to have, it can be common for patients to be quickly moved to other facilities so others can be cared for. If your recovery requires more attention, hospitals tend to move patients to an acute care hospital as the care you’ll need may not be sustainable in a home environment.

It’s important that you’re able to research your options about what’s available to you in different scenarios. Even if it means discussing with your surgeon what care will be required and what options you have available. Don’t underestimate the care that you’ll need after surgery as it can be beneficial for your recovery period in the long-term.

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