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5 Best Supplements That Can Support Your Training Regime

When it comes to dietary supplements that you’re using to support your training regime, it’s good to take a target driven approach. The same way you would do the same with how you train, your supplement choice should support what you’re trying to achieve. 

From this, you can then decide with your doctor which would be the best possible choice in terms of supplements for you. If you’re curious about what type of supplements are known to be beneficial in training workouts, here a few that might be useful to you.


If you’re looking to build your strength and increase muscle growth, creatine has shown in studies throughout studies that it can achieve this. Its main qualities are that it can help you push through them extra reps and boost your general power output. It also has the ability to retain water in the muscles, which is jey for muscle growth.

Vitamin D

The majority of vitamins can be found in your general diet or exposure to natural elements, for example. In which case, you don’t need the supplementation. However, in less sunny blessed countries such as the UK, you may not get that exposure that you wish for.

You can always check your levels with your doctor and check whether you’re getting enough vitamin d in your system. If not, vitamin d supplements are available to help include it more in your diet.  The reason vitamin D is important is because it impacts your testosterone levels which will have  a knock on effect on your training intensity. 


This is probably one of the common known supplements that many gym goers are familiar with. Why? Because protein is key for muscle repair and increasing athletic performance. They whey found in protein shakes containing specific amino acids which increase the process of protein synthesis.

The protein that you want to look for in particular is leucine. Make sure this is a prominent amino acid in your protein shake when checking the label as others aren’t as effective. 


Magnesium is a highly influential compound in the body. It can be found in many foods such as seeds, nuts, coffee, green veg and dark chocolate which means you’ll be getting plenty of it in your diet if you have these in abundance. Having magnesium tablets as part of your diet can have many positives including helping with recovery and muscle contraction and positively impact blood pressure. 

Getting the right supplement for your body

Each body is different which you should bear in mind. What might work well for some might not work better for others. This is why it’s important that you research what you’re taking and ensure it’s not having a bad impact on your body. Speak to your doctor for advice and this should help with your final choice. 

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