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5 Pre-Surgery Fitness Tips To Aid Your Recovery

How quickly your body recovers after surgery is just as dependent on what you do as much as the influence of your surgeon. The hard work towards the day of your surgery must start way before you end up on the treatment table. Getting to a physically suitable condition before the surgery can have a beneficial impact on your recovery period after the surgery has taken place.

Eating well and factoring in physical exercise in your lifestyle will leave your body needing less energy to recover. Setting a plan in place about what you’re going to do leading up to the surgery can promote post-op healing and recovery.

Here are 5 essential fitness tips that can help your body for the better before surgery.

1. Drink clear liquids that are carbo-loaded

Surgeons of yesteryear would have recommended that it would be harmful to eat or drink before going through surgery. However, with further research conducted on the matter it’s actually considered helpful to drink certain liquids in the days leading up to the surgery. In particular, clearer liquids such as water, tonic, fruit juices and clear tea are all beneficial for your body during and after surgery.

It can help to relieve stress and decrease the chances of vomiting occurring before and after the surgery. There are also benefits to feeling less pain. 

2. Quit smoking before the surgery

This may prove difficult for regular smokers but the chemicals found in cigarettes can be extremely harmful to the body before surgery. Blood flow is important as the relevant areas that are affected need consistent blood flow to aid recovery. When a patient smokes before surgery, it can cause blood clots and potentially lead to heart attacks or strokes which can put you at great risk of complications occurring. 

3. Increase your exercise levels

If you endure a lack of exercise before you go through any form of surgery, it can make your body fragile during the recovery phase. This is because your body isn’t used to the strenuous pain that its likely to go through during the surgical procedure. On other hand, if you already exercise regularly, it’s important to continue with your routine so your body feels less pain after surgery. 

Take up a hobby such as swimming or running, and try to walk wherever you can to keep active and your body in shape.

4. Consider nutritional supplements

Another aspect to consider with your diet is whether you need nutritional supplements. When patients go through surgery they may experience signs of immune dysfunction. This can cause them to lose out on essential nutrients and minerals that their body will normally hold in their system. Certain supplements that contain high levels of omega-3 and amino acids can help to enhance the immune system and support the metabolic processes in the body.

5. Lose weight if you feel overweight

Being an ideal weight during your surgery can make the procedure far more comfortable and efficient for your chosen surgeon. There are important steps to take that can help you lose weight and it’s important that you adhere to these steps in order to be in the right shape for your surgery:

- Eat healthy meats

- Get plenty of fruit and vegetable into your diet

- Exercise regularly

- Keep hydrated

- Cut out fizzy drinks and sugary foods

Keep fit before your operation

Whether you’re going through cosmetic surgery or for medical purposes, the principle still remains the same. Your body will go through plenty of stress physically and mentally, so it’s important that you prepare it as much as possible. Taking the right fitness steps will ensure your body can suffer less after you’ve gone through the surgery. 

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