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Beginners Guide: How To Improve Your Running

Taking the plunge to start running on a regular basis can be a difficult resume to get into, but the rewards are limitless. Regardless of what your goals are, whether it's to compete in a run, lose weight or just improve your general fitness getting into a good running routine is an all-rounded way to improve your health.

So if you’re looking for some techniques on how to stay motivated, reduce injury and improve your pace and timing, here’s a beginners guide.


Consistency is key with running and at times your motivation to run 5km might dip, so you’ll need to find ways to keep yourself interested for the harder runs. Finding a local group or a friend to run with is always a great motivational tool, planning a run with them gives you a sense of responsibility and commitment so you won’t want to cancel on the run as easy. For times when you’re going to the gym after a bad day at work can easily be bailed on, running with others with likely lead to you sticking to the plan.

Avoiding Injury

Most runners know the best stretches to do before their run include legs, back and arms but this can still lead to injuries if you are not careful. Buying the right fitness clothing and trainers is essential to good performance. Seeking the advice from retailers can help you pick out the right pair of trainers, as depending on the way you run and whether you’re running on roads or a treadmill and change the type of shoe you purchase.

It’s also worth considering technical leggings to help with muscle compression. The leggings will support your leg muscles during the run so your performance during and recovery after is improved.


Weight loss is mostly about your diet, so while running every day would help, you need to change what you eat in order to lose weight. Your diet will, in turn, improve your running, and there are superfoods such as peanut butter and apples that are ideal to eat before running. It’s a case of trial and error when it comes to eating before a run, some find energy from eating, but for others, it can leave them feeling bloated and sick while running, find out what suits your run and research what foods are best.


Most people have an end goal, whether it's the ability to run in a marathon or lose 2 stone in weight. The key is to give yourself a realistic amount of time to meet the goal and give yourself some leeway in the journey. Tell someone about your goals and record your weight loss or performance weekly/ bi-weekly to give yourself and little push.

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