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Can Protein Shakes Affect my Oral Health?

Looking fit and healthy is a prime goal for the majority of us. We want to look prim and proper in order to make us look and feel good. But are the foods and drinks we’re consuming majorly impacting our oral health and being the sacrifice we’re making to look good on the outside? 

We have to remember that the way our teeth look also contributes to looking and feeling good about ourselves. When we’re trying to conquer our fitness goals it’s also important to consider the impact it’s having on our teeth too.

The disadvantages of protein shakes

Protein shakes are considered necessary consumptions that we need when we’re trying to reach our fitness goals. They’re beneficial in post-workout recovery and can allow us to train more frequently to improve how we look.

There are a variety of flavours that protein shakes come in, which means there are plenty of choices to choose from for your needs. They tend to be considered relatively harmless food alternatives and considered healthy in reaching your goals.

The issue is, they may not be healthy for your teeth. This is because protein shakes are often packed with plenty of sugar as well as protein. This means frequent consumption of them can be putting your teeth at risk too.

The problem with too much sugar consumption

There are both good and bad bacteria in your mouth. The issue with the bad bacteria is that it can feed on the sugars that you receive from the protein shakes. This is because the bacteria lingers on your teeth and the sugar contributes to the bacteria that you already have lingering.

The bacteria then feeds itself from the sugar on your teeth and eats away the enamel that your teeth build to protect from cavities. Over time, this can deteriorate the health of your teeth and make your teeth health vulnerable.

Manage your protein intake carefully

Just because it’s been highlighted, you don’t necessarily have to cut protein shakes out of your diet completely. It’s just about being smart with your routine. Check the ingredients of the protein shake before you purchase or try to find alternatives that are sugar-free or low in sugars.

In other cases, see if you can have your protein shake through a straw to stop the shakes from making contact with your teeth. Then, once you’ve had your shake ensure your oral care continues after it. Drink plenty of water and brush your teeth both day and night. 

Remember, there are other protein sources available. Anything from fishy oil to boiled eggs can be just as beneficial as a protein shake, avoiding any future trips to your dentist warrington-based.

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