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I wrote this message for people at  Now I'm showing it here as a BLOG - maybe somebody cares...


Hello my friends,

I'm writting this message for sending it to all these people who has named me inspirational at bodyspace site.
Yes, it's a great pleasure to know that you can inspire people around you...and in spite of my age I still would like to continue to be an encouraging model for others to follow - by staying aesthetic and youthful for many years. And there would be a chance to inspire much more people - as a proof that there is no reason to feel bad because of aging.
I'm absolutely sure that my slogan "a better body with every passing year" could still work no less than four years (then I will be 65), hopefully even more. 
But unfortunately there are problems...
I have been all my life a professional artist. It feels almost normal that economically there are better times and worse times in artist's life. But at these years of crisis the situation is just awful...nobody buys paintings. - During a year and half I have sold only one painting - this one which Dalai Lama got as a present from our parliamentary group for Tibet. Almost a year my only food in 24 hours has been four sandwiches (but how could be possible to realize a goal to gain some more muscle mass with so little food?!). And money for this kind a boor food (and for paying bills) I have gotten as a loan. Sure - by this way it can't continue forever! One day there is no chances to get a loan any more. I haven't an idea what will happen with me then...
And there is another problem which obstructs my goal to shape my body to look better: I harmed my arm - the one side of my biceps broke :( Of course - you understand what it means for me (or for anybody of us), when I have planned to get additional muscle mass. It also means that there haven't been possible to make the half of those exercises I have to do - because of the pain. No - it didn't happen to me when I trained (using my method of training there isn't possible to harm itself at all). It happened to me about three month ago when I threw heavy wooden balks over the wall (there needs to fuel the stove with woods for getting warm at my home). So - for making possible to go on with my goal "a better body with every passing year", there needs a surgical operation. And once again - I haven't money for that. There has to be more exhaustive examining in December...
So - now you know about these two problems why there in my case might be no chances any more to be an encouraging model...
But maybe there still is a possibility to change the situation?
Exactly a year ago I have a chance to visit USA (Miami and Las Vegas). Our Ministry of Culture and Artists Association financed this journey for me - as a present for my 60 jubilee. There at Miami I got an idea about how I could survive over those bad times. So - I have a plan how I would earn money there at Miami - just by being seen at the beach and by hanging along the Ocean Drive! I have worked for this plan almost all the time after coming back to my home (I have written a lot of additional material for my website - for my story about The Secret of an Ageless Body...I have told there all about my experiences from forty years of modelling myself...there is still going the uploading procedure of this material). And also - I did all I could for selling my paintings - for getting money for coming back to Miami (at this time for two month). But as I said - people just don't buy art. It means - I haven't gotten money for that journey :(
Yes - I already lost my hope...but now I'm still writing this letter (as a final attempt) - to ask a help from all of you - for getting me to Miami.
Here is my request: would you please help me by making a donation? I would be grateful for any sum of money what you can assign. I know - almost everybody have bad times now - but any sum which wouldn't be noticeable lost for you could be a great help for me in my situation...cause something from all of you could make a remarkable sum of money together. Even in case if there wouldn't get money for the journey to Miami - there could be enough for the operation...and for living for some time.
I'm really sorry for sending this kind a message...but I'm sure - one day there will be better times also for me...and then - who knows - maybe somebody of you would need a help... - Then it would be a pleasure for me to help you :)
Here is the information for transfering:
Name: Rene Kari
Address: Jahu 7c, Tallinn, 10415, Estonia
Phone: +372 56671674
My account and other bank details:
Swedbank AS Liivalaia 8. 15040 Tallinn
I believe - you all together can help me out of this...

Yours Rene Kari

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