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Ultima-Oxy by Ultima Pharmaceuticals (Oxymetholone): Powerful Muscular Gains!

Oxymetholone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, virtually devoid of androgenic activity. It’s an oral preparation with strong anabolic properties, great for building mass, strength and muscularity.

Oxymetholone was developed in the 1960s by scientists at Syntex for treatment of advanced cases of certain types of severe anemias (deficiencies in red blood cells).

What is Ultima-Oxy (Oxymetholone)?

Ultima-Oxy is a steroid which is produced by Ultima Pharmaceuticals. It’s a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, virtually devoid of androgenic activity.

Oxymetholone has a direct effect on the muscle fiber as a strong anabolic substance, increasing protein synthesis in the muscles.

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is the chemical form in which it works. It increases blood cell production, making it steroidal. Ultima-Oxy is a DHT derivative.

Ultima-Oxy has a longer active life than other DHTs and is altered in such a manner to maintain its genuine form in muscle tissue.

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The benefits of Ultima-Oxy (Oxymetholone) include:

  • Increases red blood cell production to transport more oxygen for increased strength and endurance.
  • Enhances protein synthesis, which is why it’s preferred use is in muscle building.
  • Potent anabolic properties without the aromatization or water retention issues of testosterone that can occur during a typical prohormone cycle.

Ultima-Oxy is a great muscle builder. It inhibits the binding of androgens to muscle cells, allowing for greater muscular growth. It helps muscles breathe better by increasing red blood cells. It improves recovery and reduces pain after exercise, unlike other steroids. It also enhances bone strength and protection against bone diseases including osteoporosis. Furthermore, it boosts appetite, making it ideal for gaining weight naturally.

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Dosage and Cycle for Ultima-Oxy (Oxymetholone):

The usual dosage for Ultima-Oxy (Oxymetholone) is 50 to 100mg per day. There are a number of effective cycles for you to follow. The general user may take 50mg per day twice a day for four weeks, followed by 1 week off. For new users, it is advised to start with 50mg each day for four to five weeks at most. If desired, add one week off.

What are the stacking option for Ultima-Oxy (Oxymetholone)?

Ultima-Oxy is strongly androgenic, it stacks well with other steroids that don’t convert to estrogen. That includes Trenbolone and Winstrol.

Since it has such a long half-life, stacking it with Anavar at 10mg per day will provide the best results for cutting since you won’t have to pin as frequently.

For bulking purposes, stacking it with testosterone at 100mg every other day is ideal. For a faster acting stack for bulking purposes only, including Methandrostenolone works well since you can split up your dosage into two daily doses each 50mg throughout the entire cycle.

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Possible side effects of Ultima-Oxy (Oxymetholone)?

Side effects of Ultima-Oxy may include increased acne, voice deepening/cracking, loss of hair or change in hair color, harshness to the liver if taken over a long period of time and may cause damage to kidneys.

According to product review, it can also affect cardiovascular health by increasing cholesterol profile. It is important to take a good cholesterol supplement for this purpose.

Product reviews for Ultima-Oxy (Oxymetholone):

1.    Joshua Reyes (June 3, 2021): I’ve been using Ultima-Oxy for 5 weeks now and have gained 15 pounds! I take 100mg/day during cutting phases, so it’s been easy to control my calories intake. If you follow a strict diet plan and let yourself rest, this product will definitely do wonders to your body!

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2.    Jean Man (June 11, 2019): I’ve put on 20lbs in the last month using Ultima-Oxy. It works as advertised!

3.    Derrick Thompson (June 30, 2021): If you want a plus 30 lbs of pure muscle mass then Ultima-Oxy is for you. I’ve never tried anything this potent.

4.    Caleb Pint (June 3, 2021): Great results with Ultima-Oxy! I gained 20 lbs of lean muscle in 4 weeks doing 100mg/day split into two doses. Will definitely purchase again when needed.

5.    Seth Roster (July 17, 2021): I’ve been using Ultima-Oxy for just over a month now and have gotten REALLY good results! I’m about to finish my first bottle soon but will be buying another one asap. The pumps are insane and the energy it gives me is awesome!

6.    Jason Sage (August 1, 2021): So far i’ve stacked it with Anavar 10mg per day during cutting phases for 8 week. It has been an awesome stack with amazing results. Gained 10 lbs of muscle mass from stacking both compounds together.

7.    Nathan Cook (August 11, 2021): I’ve been using Ultima-Oxy for 5 weeks now and have gained 15 pounds!! Great gains with no pip or pain so far.

8.    Ashley Adams (August 19, 2021): Took 50mg for 4 weeks made my strength go through the roof! It was a little hard to control water weight but nothing a good diuretic couldn’t fix. Definitely a great product to use in your PCT!

9.    Tommy Fletcher (August 23, 2021): Using it as part of my supplement stack at the moment… Gives me insane pumps throughout my workouts!! No harsh sides either..

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10. Austin Landon (September 5, 2021): I’ve been on 100mg/day of Ultima-Oxy for 6 weeks now and have gained around 15 lbs of lean muscle! Gained about 1-2lbs per week which is pretty decent. The strength gains are great!

For fast muscle gains with no pain, take Ultima-Oxy by Ultima Pharmaceuticals!

Ultima-Oxy by Ultima Pharmaceuticals, Oxymetholone is a very powerful product that gains muscle mass fast with very few sides.

Be sure to take it in cycles and stack it with other anabolic steroids that don’t convert into estrogen. If you are looking for a high-quality product with fast effects, Ultima-Oxy is definitely one of the best out there! Burn fat while gaining lean mass quickly without any pain or annoying side effects!




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